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Quickly prepare your CMA data online and grow your business with bank loans. Services start at INR 6499/- only.


    CMA Report Preparation

    All you need to know

    CMA Report stands for Credit Monitoring Arrangement report. In this, past, present and projected figures are put in a defined format (prescribed by RBI) with all the required financial analysis and ratios. This helps Bankers and Financial Analysts to ascertain the financial health of a business. All Bankers request all loan applicants to prepare and present a realistic CMA report to understand the flow and application of funds in a business. Since CMA report is prepared based on various assumptions, it is very imperative that the assumptions used are realistic and viable.


    CMA Report is essentially an assessment of Working Capital Needs of a business. Bankers take into account various factors while funding the working capital needs. There are certain industry standard Ratios which need to be in place for a bank to be comfortable to grant working capital (Cash Credit) against Stock and / or Debtors balance.


    In case you need to present this to investors, you may get business plan prepared by us as well. Finance experts team at ThinkBiz Filings will undertake preparation of your CMA report considering all RBI/Banking norms and normal Industry Standards. This will ensure that your business gets required working capital funds at the right time and without much hassles.


    ThinkBiz Filings is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Get in touch with ThinkBiz Filings experts to Know how to prepare / create CMA data report online  & avail free consultation on Company RegistrationLLP RegistrationOPC RegistrationAnnual FilingsGST Filings , GST return and Accounting & Audit Services.

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