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of Partnership Firm

No business started since incorporation? Dissolve your Partnership Firm and stop complying with routine compliances. Prices start at INR 2,999/- only.

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Dissolution of Firms

All you need to know

On dissolution of the firm, the business of the firm ceases to exist since its affairs are would up by selling the assets and by paying the liabilities and discharging the claims of the partners. The dissolution of partnership among all partners of a firm is called dissolution of the firm.


The Partnership is a venture between two or more partners. In case there are only two partners, upon the death of one of the partners, Partnership Firm gets dissolved. Similarly, upon resignation, lunacy, insolvency of one of the partners, partnership firm has the same consequences.  There could be several other reasons.

As compared to an LLP, it is easy to dissolve or close a partnership firm. A partnership firm can be dissolved by executing a dissolution deed.

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