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Have an objective of developing the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its members? Nidhi Company is for you. Prices starting from INR 16,999/- only.

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What is a Nidhi Company?

All you need to know​


“Nidhi” is a Hindi word, which means finance or fund. Nidhi Company Registration is done with an intention to cultivate savings among members and to provide finance among members only. It is allowed to take loans from members and can lend to only members. Hence, it can not accept deposits or lend from/to non-members.

Though there are no separate registrations to be done under RBI for a Nidhi company, RBI is empowered to issue any directives to them. Nidhi Companies are as such exempted from main provisions otherwise applicable to an NBFC in India.  It requires minimum  7 members and 3 directors to start with. As a part of suffix, all such companies must append “Nidhi Limited” after its name.  Nidhi Company is very easy to form and there are minimum compliances afterward. You may visit here to know all about loans that Nidhi company can offer and interest rates that it can charge.

ThinkBiz Filings is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Incorporating a Nidhi Company in India is easy, seamless, cheapest and quickest with ThinkBiz Filings! Apart from a Nidhi Company, ThinkBiz Filings also helps entrepreneurs with Private Limited Company Registration, Public Limited Company Registration, LLP Registration, HUF, One Person Company and Proprietorship Firm Registration easily. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09704561215 or email info@Thinkbizfilings.com for free consultation.

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