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A Director in Company

Got an able person to take up directorship ? Appoint a Director in your company at prices starting INR 1999/- only.

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What is Appointment of Director?

All you need to know

Who is Director in a Company?

  • Director is an individual who directs, manages, oversees or controls the affairs of the Company.
  • He is a person appointed to the Board of a company to perform the duties and functions of a company in accordance with the provisions of The Company Act, 2013.
  • Director of a company is a natural person elected by the shareholders as per the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
  • The Board of Directors means a group of those individuals elected by the shareholders of a company to manage the affairs of the company.

Minimum number of director based on the type of the company:

Type of company
No. of Director required
One Person Company
Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company

Necessity / Reasons of appointing an additional Director in a company:

The following are the circumstances in which it would be necessary to add or appoint a director:

  • When there is sudden death or plans of retirement / resignantion or other personal reasons, if the existing Directors are unable to work for a long time, in such cases appointing an additional director is necessary to meet the statutory limit of the company.
  • For the growth of business, it is necessary to hire new talent in the management of the company.
  • In case where there is new product line or department added in the company, then to lead the team, appointing an expert as a director is necessary.
  • When the specified statutory number of directors reduces, then it is mandatory for a company to appoint a new director.
  • To help the shareholders assign more operational responsibilities without losing any strategic control.

Eligibility criteria for a person to be appointed as director in a company:

  • The person appointed must be eligible as per the relevant clauses in the Articles of Association.
  • The proposed individual must be above the age of 18 i.e. a major.
  • He or she must qualify as per the laws mentioned under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • The Members of the Board must consent to the appointment of the proposed individual in which he seeks to get appointed as director.
  • It must be noted that the Companies Act does not mention any educational qualification in order to be eligible to become a Director.
  • Indian National, Non-Resident Indians, and Foreign Nationals can be appointed as a director in India.

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