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Payroll Processing

Take your payroll on cloud. Outsource your payroll to Thinkbiz filings for INR 3,499/- per month.

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Payroll Setup & Processing

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Payroll being an important function for any organization, it requires specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in processing the payroll of employees. Realizing this requirement, and also to reach the client expectations in terms of service and also to maintain confidentiality and administrative convenience, ThinkBiz Filings provides a wide-range of payroll services to its clients.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of methods relating to payroll processing can provide you with a full-fledged payroll services for all employees and also to the top management. Our payroll processing encompasses the global locations by understanding the country’s specific laws and ensuring compliances.

Our approach to payroll services involves appropriate planning, a focused approach and support to the organization from start to finish.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of Monthly Salary Sheet.
  • Deductions as per applicable laws like Income Tax, Provident Fund, and Professional Tax etc.
  • Computation and deposit of TDS, ESI, PF etc.
  • Disbursement/ Online Payment of Salary.
  • Pay slip by password protected e-mail.
  • Reimbursement of telephone, medical bills etc.
  • Issue of Form 16 to employees.
  • Periodic Reconciliation of payments/statutory deductions etc. with books of accounts.
  • Administration of gratuity, superannuation, pension schemes etc.

Our specialized Payroll service includes managing expense and re-imbursement management along with Payroll process, Disbursement of Payroll and employee re-imbursements, Issuance of Pay slips, Depositing Payroll related Taxes and Employee Contributions to Pension or other funds, Filing of relevant Forms and Returns, and Compliances under various Labour Law / Statutes, Salary structuring in Tax efficient ways with clear workings to show employee Take Home salary.

ThinkBiz Filings  is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. Incorporating a Private Limited Company is easy, cheapest and quickest with ThinkBiz Filings! Apart from being a Private Limited Company, ThinkBiz Filings also helps entrepreneurs with Partnership Registration, HUF, LLP Incorporation, and Person Company registration easily. Inquire now – You may get in touch with our compliance manager on  09704561215 or email info@Thinkbizfilings.com for for free consultation.

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