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File Annual Returns

For Public Limited Company

Every Public Limited Company must file returns on an annual basis. Make your company ROC compliant. Prices start at INR 8999/- only.

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What is ROC Annual Filing for Public Limited Company?

All you need to know

What is a Public Limited Company?

  • A Public Limited Company is a company that offers shares to the general public and has limited liability.
  • Moreover, Public Limited Company is required to publish its true financial status to its shareholders.

Annual Return of the Public Limited Company  

  • The Public Limited Companies are undoubtedly required to make the largest number of compliances every year, as compared to those by all other types of companies.
  • Every Public Limited Company in India mandatorily required to file annual filling every year as per the Companies Act, 2013.
  • The Public Limited Company needs to file the Balance Sheet, P&L Account and other documents with MCA.
  • The Annual Return is totally different from the income tax department and it’s governed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Advantages of Public Limited Company Annual Filing

  • Proper compliance according to company law is the obligation of every company, it creates transparency. The regular compliance increases the credibility of the company.
  • The Annual Compliance helps in marinating active status.
  • Regular annual compliance results in assuring the clients that the company is regularly reviewing its operation. So, they can trust the company regarding their operations.
  • Annual compliance gives a competitive edge in the market. It can be used in advertising the business & assuring the investors or customers about the company’s business.
  • Annual compliance by the companies ensures that the data collected for annual compliance is correct.
  • Many times small businesses end up with heavy penalties as they do not comply with annual compliances. So, regular annual compliances result in avoiding heavy penalties.

Why Thinkbiz filings as Service Provider for Your Company Annual Filing?  

Entire team of Thinkbiz Filings consists of Highly Professsionals and business administrators. Thinkbiz Filings would be a one stop destination for Company Compliance / ROC Compliance and filing and entire gamut of Professional and advisory services in India. Thinkbiz Filings has also come up with E-Retainer Concept, which is more than just Virtual CFO Services. will absolve you of all worries of taking care of book-keeping, returns filing, advisory, HR, Payroll, Vendor Management and many other legal compliances. You may get in touch with our compliance manager  on 09704561215or email info@Thinkbizfilings.com  for free consultation.

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