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Want to get relaxed after you applied for trademark? Subscribe to our Trademark Watch Services and leave the rest on us. Subscribe now at prices starting from INR 1,999/- only.

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What is Trademark Watch Services?

All you need to know

Trademark Watch Services are services that provide you with the complete watch services which are required to protect your brand. Trademark registration is a long process which has to pass through various steps And It is important to keep the track of the Trademark registration application in the following two circumstances i.e During the Pendency of the Application and After registration.

Why Trademark Watch services are important to you?

It is important to keep the track of the Trademark registration application in the following two circumstances:

  1. During the Pendency of the Application
  2. After registration

ThinkBiz Filings Trademark watch provides the services of keeping a close watch at the each stage of the Trademark registration process and do the needful as and when needed to prevent the client from missing out on any important stage which can affect the registration of the trademark. 

If you acquire ThinkBiz Filings Trademark Watch Services, it would be our duty to inform you and notify you the status of your trademark registration application for e.g. If the trademark applicant has been issued an adverse examination report by the trademark examiner, the trademark applicant will have to appear before the Trademark Officer and will have to address the Trademark objections raised. Here, the ThinkBiz Filings Trademark Watch Service will notify you if there is any objection and will also arrange a representative to appear before the Trademark officer at an additional cost.

Also after the Trademark registration is done then also acquiring Trademark Watch service can be very helpful. As our Highly qualified experts of Trademark will check through the databases of all filed trademark applications with all zonal trademark offices situated in all across the country. 

Special attention is given to the filed trademark applications by other entities engaged in the occupational fields of our clients. In case, they find that any proposed trademark for registration forwarded by other entities in the very field of our any client, is seriously and objectionably similar to the registered trademark of him, then they inform promptly about such happening to him, and take all necessary actions for preventing the registration of the proposed trademark in its present form.

ThinkBiz Filings is an eminent business platform and a progressive concept, which helps end-to-end incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on 09704561215 or email info@Thinkbizfiling.com  for for free consultation, and to know more about the services provided by us.

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