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ESIC Notification: Online registration through MCA Portal and inspection of the units regarding

Online registration through MCA Portal and inspection of the units regarding.

It has been brought to the notice from various Regional Offices/Sub Regionall Offices that the inspection of units which have been registered through MCA portal with zero no. of employees are being generated through Shram Suvidha Portal and the SSO after checking the records are reporting that such units are not coverable as per provisions of the Act. In addition to this ROs/SROs are finding difficulty to take defaulter action against the defaulting units within the prescribed time limit

In view of this, Competent Authority has directed that all Regions/SROs, to issue standard mass mails to MCA registered units for starting the compliance of various provisions of ESI Act from the date of reaching the threshold limit of employees. In case, the companies registered through MCA portal are found not coverable as per the Statutory Provisions of the ESI Act, they need not make compliance for next 6 months or till they reach the threshold of ESIC coverage, whichever is earlier. If the company does not reach the threshold in six months, it has to login on the ESIC website to further extend the ‘dormant mode. In case, it does not extend the same, the registration will automatically activate and company has to start compliance under ESIC Act (copy of the note attached for ready reference). If it is not followed by the respective employers, necessary actions under the existing provisions of ESI Act may be taken against the defaulting units. Further, ROs/SROs are requested to inform this office about total no. of units registered through MCA portal having employees less than threshold limit or zero no. of employees for the coverage under ESIC Schemer as on 31.10.2022.

This issues with the approval of Insurance Commissioner(Revenue). Encl: As above


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